Modern enterprises, whether in industry or commerce are data rich and information poor. Automated production control systems, on-line quality systems, e-commerce systems and call centre logs all generate huge quantities of data which are often under-utilized. Emphron provides advanced services and solutions in data mining.

Data Mining is the process of gaining competitive advantage by extracting decision-relevant information from large and complex data sets. Data Mining solutions are as varied as the business problems that require them.

Data complexity can be expressed either in terms of the number of records (possibly hundreds of millions); or in the complexity of the records (where each record contains many thousands of different characteristics). Occasionally, both forms of data complexity occur together within massive, complex data systems.

The common characteristic of all data mining activities is that they are computationally intensive, calling for a combination of powerful hardware and sophisticated computational algorithms. But all the hardware in the world, and the most powerful of algorithms will not produce value, unless they are harnessed to a nuanced understanding of the business problem.

More than ever, the finance sector needs to unlock the value in strategic information resources to better identify opportunities and balance risks and rewards. Organisations that make effective use of corporate data can generate real competitive advantage. Having the right analytical toolkit is essential for this task, but gaining this advantage is not simply a matter of using the right tool for the job. It calls for hard-edged analytical thinking coupled with a sophisticated understanding of the business environment.

Good analytics can provide you with competitive advantage across the spectrum, including market segmentation, customer behaviour modelling, credit risk management, and policy pricing. The analytical techniques required include: large scale data mining, machine learning, classical and Bayesian statistics.

Modern manufacturing processes generate large volumes of data, and product quality is a key business driver. Quality improvement often calls for a deeper and more sophisticated review of manufacturing data, especially in a business to business context where contractual issues can hinge on a nuanced analysis of quality data. Emphron provides an independent and authorative review of production quality, using rigorous and defensible methods that stand the test of hostile review.

Emphron turns mountains of data into useable information.