Environmental and Ecological Statistics

Emphron provides a range of environmetrics and data management services for environmental monitoring and environmental research. We have experience in terrestrial, air-quality and both marine and freshwater monitoring programmes. Our services include the design and analysis of environmental monitoring programmes using all of the common monitoring paradigms and spatial approaches. We provide:

  • Statistical review of monitoring programmes,
  • Power calculations for design purposes,
  • Full and stringent analysis of monitoring data,
  • advocacy services in communicating monitoring designs and results.

Large scale Spatial Analysis

We provide expert geostatistics services for terrestrial and marine surveys and for large scale remote sensing projects. Our super computing capability allows us to process very large spatial extents at high spatial resolutions, using the most advanced geostatistical methods.

Environmental Metagenomics

Emphron provides design and analysis capability for environmental biotechnology, using metagenomics and environmental proteomics. The future of environmental monitoring will be at two scales – the ecosystem level using remote sensing technology, and at the molecular level. Both developments will increase the richness and scale of environmental measurements, both require expert services to deploy and utilise.

Hosted environmental databases for monitoring purposes.

Using agile methods and rapid development tools, we deliver monitoring databases to meet all of your data management needs. These databases are made available to you using a secure, encrypted web connection. Access to the data is tightly controlled. These databases can be hosted in our enterprise class data centre, or installed on your premises. We are able to integrate high throughput data management with advanced analytic work flows.

From the sea bed to the sky, Emphron provides guidance, design and analysis for all statistical studies.