Modern Biotech Platform Technologies – Information Management and Analysis

Whether in genomics, proteomics or metabolomics, modern biotechnology is characterised by massively parallel platforms that quantify hundreds of thousands of biomarkers simultaneously. Examples include next gen sequencing, gene expression arrays RNA-Seq and mass spectroscopy.

Research translation in this arena poses challenges in discovery, development and implementation. Emphron provides advanced bioinformatics and statistical analysis services in all three activities.

Emphron discovery services provide super computer based data mining methods for the massive data sets generated by modern biotechnology. We provide expert study design, analysis and reporting, using advanced machine learning methods, with a rigorous biostatistical justification.

Clinical development of multi biomarker diagnostics poses a number of regulatory and scientific challenges, in addition to those common to all diagnostic developments. Emphron has experience in the design and analysis of pivotal trials in this area, and in regulatory submissions and representing client's interests to regulatory agencies including the FDA and EMEA.

Multi biomarker diagnostics generally require a software component: which must be engineered as a medical device. Emphron has experience developing medical device grade client/server software to deliver diagnostic results from complex marker panels.

Implementation of the new diagnostic technologies in the clinical pathology laboratory is challenging. Emphron can help you develop your proteomic or genomic validation package, and implement your on-going genomic quality assurance processes.

For next gen sequencing, the bioinformatics pipeline itself must be considered a part of the laboratory process. Emphron can provide you with a validated pipeline, or work with your own bioinformatics group to provide a validation package. Emphron can either provide you with, or help you develop a full set of standard operating procedures for the next gen bioinformatics pipeline.

Biotechnology Image Analysis

We use advanced methods in mathematical morphology and image analysis to extract hard data from images such as photomicrographs. The combination of automated image analysis and large scale data mining provides a powerful approach to the development of new medical devices for bioassays and diagnostics. Emphron is able to deliver integrated image analysis / data mining solutions tailored to your specific problem.

From discovery through translation to product development, Emphron knows how to make the numbers count.