About Emphron Informatics

Emphron Informatics is a boutique bioinformatics consultancy, operating worldwide though based in the Asia Pacific region. We were founded in 2003 by Dr Mervyn Thomas, who has over 25 years experience in bioinformatics -- in both the private sector and public sector research agencies.

Our services include strategic consultancy in informatics, service data mining for large and complex biological and biotechnology data sets, training, staff development and capability building, and technology evaluation and skills audits.

Clinical Trial Statistics

We provide high level statistical consultancy to ensure that trial protocols satisfy the complex set of clinical, regulatory and commercial objectives which you face. We understand your business problems, and we deliver effective solutions.

We have experience across the spectrum of clinical research, from investigator-led clinical studies through to phase III trials, and across many therapeutic areas.


We have solid experience in the discovery and development of diagnostics. We operate across the spectrum from discovery using modern genomic and proteomic platforms, through assay optimisation to the design and analysis of diagnostic clinical trials. We have experience negotiating the design of diagnostic trials with the FDA.

Genomics and Proteomics

We have substantial experience across the range of genomic platforms including: Affymetrix, Combimatrix, Illumina and RTPCR based platforms. We cover the spectrum of activities through study design, data management, quality assurance, differential expression, ontology analysis and study reporting. We use state-of-the-art tools and techniques.

We also have experience in a range of proteomic technologies including mass spectroscopy, 2D electrophoresis gels, FACS and antibody arrays.

Dr. Mervyn Thomas

Founder and partner - Biostatistics

A photo of Mervyn.

Prior to founding Emphron Informatics, Mervyn was the founding manager of the Bioinformatics Research Programme of CSIRO Mathematical and Information Sciences. He had, in fact, established the research programme. As programme manager, Mervyn was responsible for developing and integrating research and commercialisation strategies. The programme remains a viable and successful research activity within CSIRO. Its main focus is on developing and commercialising new techniques for massively multivariate data mining.

Before joining CSIRO in 1991, Mervyn managed the Mathematics and Statistics group of Shell's Sittingbourne Research Centre. He was Shell's most senior Biostatistician. Under his direction, the statistics research group targeted advanced chemometric methods for molecular design and he focused on in-silico discovery and evaluation.

Before joining Shell, Mervyn was a senior statistician working in pre-clinical pharmaceutical development and agrochemical development for ICI (now Zeneca).

Emphron has a solid reputation for statistical analysis and interpretation you can trust.